Spray & Polish

Amazing on glass, mirrors, granite, cooktops, bench tops, kitchen areas, cars and all hard surfaces!

  • Clean, Polishes & Protects

  • Creates a smooth and shiny surface


OzKleen Mint Kleen is not only an excellent cleaner but signals a return to nature’s old ways in a safe, responsible and friendly new direction. Use around the home to clean and naturally deter insects.

  • Contains organic disinfectant

  • Natural peppermint oil keeps insects away

  • Safe near food areas

  • Kills 99.9% of germs


Shower Power instantly dissolves soap scum, calcium build-up and water stains in the bathroom. It can be used on all hard surfaces including taps, tiles, glass, toilets, stainless steel, showers or baths.

  • Cleans

  • Revives

  • Protects


Based on very rich surfactant system, Oven Power is an extremely effective cleaning agent that cleans and revives ovens. It draws grease from the surface, which allows it to attack grease and grime from underneath.

  • Powerful formulation

  • Low odour

  • Use the bag system for the racks

  • Suitable for up to 900mm ovens